Bulldog’s hard money loans are the source for your capital needs.

We specialize in unconventional commercial hard money loans on real estate, equipment, and aircraft.  Our expertise and depth of lending knowledge allows us to consider loans that are outside of the core competency of conventional lenders. With several decades of experience, we are able to quickly understand the value of an asset and deliver funds to our clients shortly thereafter.  We will consider loan requests of up to $5 million.


LTV: Max 60% of Current Value
Loan Term: Interest Only and Flexible Amortizations
Lien Position: First Only
Prepay: Flexible
Locations: Contiguous United States


Step 1

Complete the online hard money loan application

Step 2

Bulldog underwrites the deal

Step 3

A decision is usually made within 48 hours

Step 4

If accepted, a preliminary commitment is issued

Step 5

Bulldog inspects the collateral (inspection fee applies)

Step 6

Final commitment is issued (refundable deposit required)

Step 7

Title, Due Diligence, and
Environmental conducted

Step 8

Deal closes